A passionate vision
Imagination, knowledge and very deep roots. Molino Quaglia has a head and a heart, it lives on ideas and emotions. It’s a particular entity, made of work, experience, knowledge but also tradition and a history that is as old as mankind.
There are no secrets, we are just ourselves: the will to go further, never stop and accept the challenge. Because excellence in quality products can never be counted on, you have to achieve it day by day, in the choice of raw materials, in processing, in the comparison with the competition. There are no shortcuts, no half measures. There is the enthusiasm of being protagonists of our time, driven by the search for a modernity that does not prevent our eyes from filling with wonder for incredibly good and extraordinary products, origin and meaning of a civilization that never wanes.
The mill for us is not just work, business, it is a state of mind, a promise that can seduce your heart.

A family, a tradition
Molino Quaglia was started in the province of Padua by a family who always believed in the extraordinary potential of the quality wheat from its land and can boast 120 years’ experience in quality flour. Convinced that to grow and improve you always need to be open to change, Lucio,Chiara and Andrea started a series of new projects in the Eighties. Where flour becomes Art. An adventure that started from the historical mill to come to a highly technological plant and to a training school.
Where flour becomes art: a project that aims at attention to detail and creates some entrepreneurial choices that pursue more and more advanced objectives. And for the future? Andrea, Francesca, Francesco and Giovanni are already “diving” into the family flour.
Experience, perseverance and also intuition in foreseeing the flour market trends are Lucio Quaglia’s characteristics.
The starting point: to get the company to grow so that it could develop in the Italian milling sector a productive and cultural operation that exploited the identity of its own area and could absorb the best in the Italian milling technique and science. A passion that Lucio is still living with the same enthusiasm as on the first day.
Precision, technical competence and balance, these are the characteristics of Andrea Quaglia, Production Director of Molino Quaglia. A great passion for nature and the countryside give life to professionality aiming at quality. The care with which he follows all production stages from the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of the finished product, availing himself of a team that recognises in him experience and authoritativeness, is renowned.
There’s a deep empathy between Chiara Quaglia and Molino Quaglia. We can find imagination and femininity in a lot of initiatives that she inspired and took care of, asserting a company identity and style. An experience gained in years when women working in mills were positively rare.

Where flour becomes art
Even if it may seem well-known and tested, the path to achieving quality doesn’t really have a finishing line. If you take into consideration a more and more exacting customer on the one side and the constant evolution of the know-how available to the manufacturer on the other, the boundaries of quality are redefined over and over again. Taking this challenge head on, Molino Quaglia aims at top quality. A project that pursues higher and higher quality objectives, making the production control system stricter and more sophisticated and adopting a policy of considerable investment.

A team project
The team Molino Quaglia avails itself of does not include only skilled experts (farmers, biologists, bakers, confectioners, chefs, technologists, pizza chefs) whose skills cover the various productions, but above all it includes people who believe in a common project and who, because of this, measure themselves against each other and complement each other with passion and commitment.

Targeted production
Leaving the untouchable milestones of modern quality milling apart (choice of raw materials, consistency in both processing and grinding, strict standards in storage and packaging), attention to detail comes into play in targeted production. The knowledge of the different types of wheat and flour, as well as the analytical and comparative study of the statistical data regarding the climate and the ripening of the ceareal determine the choices the team make, from the field to the finished product.
The use of the most advanced technologies, those that are most respectful of the organoleptic qualities of the wheat, go alongside the systematic and exact control of the manufacturing process, always from a long-term viwpoint that aims at being ahead of market trends.

Quality control
As an operational support for its quality project, Molino Quaglia draws up its own quality manual and in 1996 achieves the certification UNI EN ISO 9001.
To make rules and update them constantly in order to make them more and more in keeping with the company objectives means that meeting the customer’s highest requirements is really the focus of this company.

Top quality why the Laboratory
Striving for top quality, in September 2003 Molino Quaglia initiated the Laboratory. A technical choice that was born of the following considerations: at the base lies the constant demand for support that small businesses ask the mill; the need to translate superb manufacturing skills and experience into scientific methods; the continuous introduction in production of novelties to relaunch the brand; the baker’s desire to offer a new range of products for people who wish to eat well and keep fit; the processor’s need to plan and equip his/her processing to a level where he/she can compete with large-scale distribution; the need for a professional who could supervise not only production but the correct management of the laboratory as well, who knew the raw materials as well as the processes, who could use all available technologies competently.
The attention for the table and the entertainment enjoyed around it has never been so strong. Chiara Quaglia’s Laboratory was born with this spirit.

The Factory
In 1990 Molino Quaglia realises a small big treasure: the Factory.
Wanted by Lucio Quaglia, it consists of a highly technological plant that can meet the health and hygiene requirements of the food standards in force.
Through a natural process, the raw material is processed at high temperatures that give the finished product unique organoleptic and technological characteristics. After processing, cereal and flour acquire marked aromas that highlight their strong characterization.

Molino Quaglia The Plant
Daily production
4,000 q. of flour

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